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When purchasing a course, be sure to have the  full name and a unique email address for each participant you wish to enroll before clicking the "Add to Cart" button,  as you will enter their information on the following page. This is how the name will appear on the certificate upon successful course completion, so please double check accuracy. Additionally, each participant must be enrolled with a unique email address. Duplicate email addresses will not be accepted.

Also, don't forget to download and print the STUDY GUIDE for use during the course! The password for the study guide will be available after the participant takes the pretest.

To enroll more than one participant in the Video Tow Operator Workshop,  do the following: 

Step 1) Click the "Add to Cart" button under the CHP Approved GTI Tow Operator Workshop below.

Step 2) On the following screen, enter ONLY ONE participant's name and unique email address, and click "Add to Cart".

Step 3) Click "View Cart".  DO NOT change the quantity or you will end up paying twice for one participant.

Step 4) Click "Continue Shopping" to return to this page and continue from step1.

Step 5) When all participants are enrolled, continue to the Checkout to complete the transaction.

                                                                                              Free priority shipping included!

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